Hello and welcome to the Vin Man!

My name is David Pugh and I would like to tell you a little about The Vin Man.

My wife Wendy and I like to travel, we like to meet people, sit outside Tavernas and restaurants and enjoy the food, the wine and meeting fellow travelers on the dusty road.

When we go home, Wendy churns our lots of nice food, for me, family and friends.

But for us there’s more to it than that.  We have a battered old pine farmhouse table in our kitchen.  Now, Wendy would like a new one.  But you know, I won’t let her get rid of the old one.

Because that table carries the scars of battle.  There are wine stains on it from many hours eating good food, drinking good wine with good friends.  Its like a comfortable armchair, its like a few wrinkles around the eyes.  Its got laughter lines.  And I call it ‘The Talking Table’.

So in essence that’s what the Vin Man is about. Take a good look at our Vin Man logo, his name is Russell.  He was painted by some great friends of ours. He’s an old friend we have had loads of laughs with, maybe we’ve eaten too much on Christmas Day, over indulged a bit on the wine front together, but we wouldn’t really want to be without him.

I’m not trying to sell you the ‘lifestyle’, but perhaps if you will permit me, I’m trying to sell you the Spirit of Good Times.  So I hope you can join Wendy, Russell and I some time for a glass of wine around The Talking Table.

Let Russell take you on a guided tour.

Kind regards